James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute

Pilot Projects

The mission of the Culver Vision Discovery Institute is to engage in high impact research and discovery related to visual function and diseases, the outcome of which is expected to have far-reaching clinical applications for patients suffering from blindness and visual disorders.

Proposals are requested from MCG faculty whose projects will allow the VDI to achieve its mission. Preference is given to clinically-relevant projects that can be developed into larger extramurally-funded projects.

Funded pilot projects: 2015 Awardees
1.12/15-LOX and Dietary Supplement Therapy: Shaping Endogenous Protection in Traumatic Optic Neuropathy » Mohamed Al-Shabrawey, Ph.D.
2.Dioleoylphosphatidylglycerol to Accelerate Corneal Wound Healing (RENEWAL) » Wendy Bollag, Ph.D.
3.Low vision rehabilitation for drivers with glaucoma» Hannes Devos, PT, PhD
4.Retinal Endothelial Cell Barrier Dysfunction In Hyperhomocysteinemia(renewal) » Amany Tawfik, M.D.
5.Role of arginase signaling in multiple sclerosis mediated retinal neuronal injury» Priya Narayanan Namboothiri, Ph.d.
6.Vascular and retinal function in prediabetic subjects (renewal)» Alan Saul, Ph.D.