James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute

Faculty members

Each member of the Culver Vision Discovery Institute has a primary appointment in another university department. They may also have appointments in other departments secondarily.

Member/Link Degree Primary department
Ulrich, LaneM.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Smith, SylviaPh.D.Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Nussbaum, JulianM.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Bollinger, KathrynM.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Prosser, AndreaM.D. Department of Ophthalmology
Al-Shabrawey, MohamedPh.D.Department of Oral Biology
Andrews, BillMA, CMI, FAMIDepartment of Medical Illustration
Bartoli, ManuelaPh.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Bogorad, David M.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Bollag, WendyPh.D.Department of Physiology
Caldwell, RuthPh.D.Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Caldwell, WilliamPh.D.Pharmacology & Toxicology
Chong, RaymondPh.D.Department of Physical Therapy
Goei, StephanieM.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Hegde, JayPh.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Hess, David M.D.Department of Neurology
Jensen, MichaelMS, CMIDepartment of Medical Illustration
Killingsworth, DanielM.D.Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center
Marshall, BrendanPh.D.Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Martin, PamelaPh.D.Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Narayanan Namboothiri, PriyaPh.d.Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Prasad, PutturPh.D.Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Saul, Alan Ph.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Segar, LakshmanPh.D.Vascular Biology Center
Thomas, DilipM.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Zhang, MingPh.D.Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Baban, BabakPh.D.Department of Oral Biology
Sharma, Shruti Ph.d.Center for biotechnology and genomic medicine
Brittain, JuliaPh.d.Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Bloomquist, TamM.D.Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center
Tawfik, AmanyM.D.Department of Oral Biology
Patton, TaddPh.D.Psychology
Watsky, MitchellPh.d.Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Rosen, PeterM.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Sen, NilkanthaPh.d.Institute of Molecular Medicine & Genetics
Pan, AlbertPh.D.Institute of Molecular Medicine & Genetics
Estes, AmyM.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Devos, HannesPT, PhDCollege of Allied Health Services
Liu, YutaoM.D, Ph.D.Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Dong, YanbinM.D., PhDGeorgia Prevention Institute
Fishbein, SumnerMDDepartment of Ophthalmology
Gutsaeva, DianaPh.d.Department of Ophthalmology
Buning, MeganPhDCollege of Education
Lanier, MalloryMHS, OTR/LCollege of Allied Health Services
Lukowski, ZacharyM.D.Department of Ophthalmology
Member/Link Degree Primary department
*n/s: degree not specified by member.