James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute

Raymond Chong, Ph.D.

Contact info:
Dr. Chong's departmental website

Voice: 706.721.1489
Fax:    706.721.6829


Background & Research Emphasis:
Dr. Chong earned his PhD from the University of Oregon. He is the director of the GHSU Department of Physical Therapy Human Movement Science lab. His expertise and research interests center on visuomotor mechanisms of automatic and volitional multisensory organization and postural control in humans during reaching, stance and walking in healthy and neurological conditions. He serves on a number of scientific review panels including US Department of Veteran Affairs Rehabilitation & Research Development Service's NURA, CAMM and CDA study sections. The extensive variety of research tools and techniques which he uses offer an enriching training experience for pre-doctoral students. Dr. Chong interacts with physicians in the departments of Neurology and Ophthalmology to develop therapies for patients with visual deficits who need assistance with walking and other vestibular-visuomotor coordination tasks. Thus, the research in Dr. Chong’s lab, especially for the needs of patients requiring visual rehabilitation, is quite translational.