James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute

Ming Zhang, Ph.D.

Contact info:
Dr. Zhang's departmental website

Voice: 706.721.6772
Fax:    706.721.6120


Primary appointment: Cellular Biology & Anatomy

Affiliated department:Department of Ophthalmology

Background & Research Emphasis:
Dr. Zhang’s research is focused in two areas: One is to study the mechanism of apoptosis in retinal neurons by using an animal model of murine cytomegalovirus retinitis and an in-vitro MCMV infected organotypic retinal cultures. The second area is to investigate the roles of autophagy in viral clearance and cell death of HSV-1 infected retinas by using an animal model of HSV-1 retinitis and a recombinant HSV-1 lacking the Beclin-binding domain (BBD) of ICP34.5, which interacts with the essential autophagy protein Beclin and antagonizes autophagy response.