James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute

Nilkantha Sen, Ph.d.

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Voice: 706-721-8185
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Primary appointment: Institute of Molecular Medicine & Genetics

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Background & Research Emphasis:
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality which affects more than 1.7 million people throughout USA. Visual disturbances are common after a TBI, occurring in 30-45 percent of individuals. If not recognized and treated, permanent visual loss may progressively develop. The long term goal of our laboratory is to understand how TBI affects structure and function of retina, optic nerve and cornea using mice as our experiment model system. Based on our experience in the field of gasotransmitters (nitric oxide/ hydrogen sulfide), we will elucidate molecular mechanism of TBI induced retinal dysfunction. Our findings may lead to identify a novel therapeutic strategy against optic and retinal neuropathy.