James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute

Annual Scientific Meetings

The Culver Vision Discovery Institute gathers annually to present the progress and innovation within the member labs. This structured meeting features both intra and extramural lecturers. The keynote address is delivered by individuals whose scope of research has proven its impact at the national or international level.

The intramural lectures are selected to showcase work being done locally. Most of the labs have posters displayed for review in the poster sessions or between lectures. The meeting generally closes with a group discussion on future direction and strategic planning. This includes discussion on translational merit and impact and consideration for future speakers and formats.

6th Annual Culver Vision Discovery Institute Scientific Retreat

Thursday, February 27th, 2014 - Friday, February 28th, 2014   (Agenda below)

Keith Green Lecturer: Jay Neitz, Ph.D.
University: University of Washington
Rank: Professor, Department of Ophthalmology

Location: River Room, St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Co-Keynote Speaker: Maureen Neitz, Ph.D.
University: University of Washington
Rank: Professor, Department of Ophthalmology



The Posters Expected: 25
1. Ahmed Shanab*
Modulating p75NTR Prevents ProNGF- And Diabetes- Induced Acellular Capillaries Via Suppression of NRIF Nuclear Translocation
2. Esraa Shosha, Ph.D.Student
“Mechanistic Role Of Arginase In Inducing Endothelial Cell Senescence In Diabetic Retinopathy”
3. Mohammed Abdelsaid, n/s
Deletion of Thioredoxin Interacting Protein (TXNIP) expression Augments Hyperoxia-induced Vaso-obliteration in Ischemic Retinopathy
4. Mohammed Abdelsaid, n/s
Platelet Factor-4 Variant, a Novel Angiostatic Chemokine Inhibits Pathological Retinal Neovascularization in Oxygen-Induced retinopathy Mouse Model
5. Jutamas Suwanpradid, BS
Arginase 2 Deletion Limits Hyperoxia-Induced RetinaVascular Injury through Normalization of NOS Function and Upregulation of Arginase 1
6. Zhiyong Yang, Ph.D.
Categorizing three-dimensional natural scenes
7. Zhiyong Yang, Ph.D.
Natural scenes as spatial concatenations of multi-size, multi-scale visual features
8. Shruti Sharma, Ph.d.
Circulating markers of TNF pathway are strongly associated with risk of diabetic retinopathy in type-1 diabetes
9. Albert Pan, Ph.D.
Structural and functional mapping of zebrafish visual circuits with transsynaptic virus and calcium imaging
10. Sally El-Shaer, Ph.D.Student
Modulation of P75NTR Restores Reparative Angiogenesis and Prevents Retinal Neovascularization in Ischemic Retinopathy
11. Wanwisa Promsote, BS
Monomethylfumarate induces -Globin Expression and Fetal Hemoglobin Production in Cultured Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) and Erythroid Cells, and in Intact Retina
12. Zhimin Xu, n/s
Arginase blockade preserves retinal neurons during ischemia/reperfusion injury
13. Doaa Sobeih*
Effect of SPARC deletion on retinal neovascularization and capillary drop out in mouse model of ischemic retinopathy
14. Barbara Mysona, Ph.D.
ProNGF Causes Retinal Endothelial Cell Permeability via Activation of p75NTR/RhoA pathway
15. Selina Beasley, n/s
Caspase-14 Expression Impairs Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Barrier Function
16. Xiaowen Lu, Ph.D.
Effect of 1, 25-Vitamin D on Human Limbal Stem Cell and Corneal Epithelial Cell
17. Ahmed Elsherbini, n/s
MicroRNA-146b-3p controls diabetic retinal inflammation by suppressing adenosine deaminase-2
18. Arul Kumaran Shanmugam, PhD
Role of Sigma receptor1 in retinal Muller glia
19. Pachiappan Arjunan, n/s
Overexpression of GPR91- a pro-angiogenic succinate receptor, mediated by BMP6 signaling in Hemojuvelin-null mouse retina
20. Modesto Rojas*
NOX2-induced Senescence in Retina and Bone Marrow derived Cs during Diabetic Retinopathy Implies Arginase
21. Modesto Rojas*
NOX2-induced Senescence in Retina and Bone Marrow derived Cs during Diabetic Retinopathy Implies Arginase
22. Folami Powell, Ph.D.
Loss of thioredoxin reductase activity correlates with accelerated cellular senescence in the diabetic retina
23. Jing Zhao, n/s
Suppression of Microglia Inflammatory Response by Sigma Receptor 1 Ligand, (+)-Pentazocine
24. Khaled Hussein, n/s
Role of BMP2 in microvascular dysfunction during Diabetic Retinopathy
25. Juan Mo, M.S.
“Lack of Bax reduces caspase 3-dependent apoptosis in uninfected retinal cells during murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) retinitis”
*Incomplete degree information   
The Agenda
February 27th, 2014, Thursday
2:00 pm ~ Registration/Poster Set-up
2:45 pm ~ Priya Narayanan Namboothiri, PhD
Welcome/Introductory remarks
3:00 pm ~ Journal Club
“Gene therapy for red-green colour blindness in adult primates”
4:15 pm ~ Break
4:30 pm ~ Data Blitz to kick off poster session
5:15 pm ~ Reception
February 28th, 2014, Friday
7:30 am ~ Registration and refreshments
8:15 am ~ Julian Nussbaum, M.D.
Introductory remarks
8:25 am ~ Peter Buckley, M.D.
Welcome remarks
8:30 am ~ Gretchen Caughman, PhD
Welcome remarks
8:35 am ~ Mark Hamrick, PhD, Senior Vice President for Research
Welcome remarks
8:40 am ~ Sylvia Smith, Ph.D.
VDI Update
9:00 am ~ Kathryn Bollinger, M.D., Ph.D.
Introduction of keynote speaker
9:10 am ~ Dr. Jay Neitz
”Reweaving the Rainbow: Gene Therapy and Its Potential to Treat Vision Disorders”
9:10 am ~ Dr. Maureen Neitz
”Reweaving the Rainbow: Gene Therapy and Its Potential to Treat Vision Disorders”
10:10 am ~ Q & A Session
10:25 am ~ Break
10:40 am ~ Wendy Bollag, PhD
\"The Potential Use of a Natural Lipid to Enhance Corneal Wound Healing”
10:55 am ~ Shanu Markand, PhD candidate
“Characterization of retinal phenotype in MTHFR deficient mice, a model of hyperhomocysteinemia”
11:10 am ~ Manuela Bartoli, PhD
\"Translating Vision at the Department of Ophthalmology at GRU\"
11:25 am ~ Luncheon and Poster Session
1:25 pm ~ Islam N. Mohamed, B. Pharm, MS
\"TXNIP deletion abrogates high fat diet-induced retinal inflammation and microvascular injury\"
1:40 pm ~ Jay Hegde, PhD
\"Manipulating the synchrony among the senses: Its future potential in rehabilitative medicine”
1:55 pm ~ Chintan Patel, PhD candidate
\"Endothelin, a novel angiogenic factor in ischemic retinopathy\"
2:10 pm ~ Break
2:20 pm ~ Pamela Martin, PhD
“Sickle Cell Retinopathy: Novel cellular targets and therapeutic strategies”
2:35 pm ~ Ming Zhang, PhD
\"Alleviation of Ocular HSV-1 infection by early administration of autophagy inducing peptide Tat–beclin 1”
2:50 pm ~ Ahmed S Ibrahim, PhD
“Evolving role of 12/15-Lipoxygenase derived lipid metabolites in the induction of retinal endothelial dysfunction”
3:05 pm ~ Discussion of VDI initiatives and future directions
4:00 pm ~ Adjourn